Pet Health

  • 3 Game-Changers That Will Help Your Cat Lose Some Weight

    The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimated 60% of the US domestic cats were overweight back in 2018. International Cat Care introduced similar revelations with the UK felines – 39 to 52% of house cats were classified as overweight. Although some cat owners prefer their kitties chubby, they should help their furry friends lose some weight if they want them to live a longer and happier life.
  • Know the Signs of a Cat Stroke Before It’s Too Late

    Although dogs are more prone to strokes than cats, the risk of your feline experiencing it is still exists, especially if your furry fall has gained some weight recently. Owners shouldn’t disregard memory issues and dizziness with their furry friends, as these point out to mild cat stroke.
  • Epiphora (Watery Eyes) in Cats – When It Is Time to Worry?

    Being an animal lover means feeling and knowing your feline’s behavior, and noticing even the slightest changes with it. Teary eyes are nothing new when it comes to certain breeds, but with others – watery eyes in cats warn of potential eye irritation.
  • Is Cat Nose Bleed a Sign of Cancer?

    Although epistaxis (bleeding nose) is not a common phenomenon with cats, even imagining your feline with a bloody nose is scary. A cat nose bleed can indicate a really serious health issue (potentially cancer). However, before you start panicking and jumping to conclusions, make sure to get to know other possible causes of bleeding nose in cats.