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Huggibles Fan
No more barking and more sleep

A four year old pomtzu loves this oil, I put a few drops on his favorite toy, and he enjoys it. It helps him to stay calm and relaxed, he can be easily agitated when he hears sounds, this helps him stay calm. Perfect for night time use as well. Teddy is very picky so I'm happy he likes the flavor.

Trice Roberts
Worked well

Worked well for my dog..

Will buy again!

My 12 year old labs back hip has been noticeably hurting him and these drops seem to really help him get up easier on top of giving him a burst of energy.

Brandi S.
Tasty drops to sooth an anxious dog

My dog gets anxious with loud noises and in the dark. These drops seemed to help calm him. He can also be picky about the taste of vitamins or medicines, but he seemed to love the taste of these drops.

Sabrina N
No more anxious dog

My dog is really hyper and gets scared during stormy weathers in the winter. I have been giving her this hemp oil and she's been doing way better. She's more calm, relaxed and happier. It was very windy this morning and it did not bother her at all while she was outside. It also smells great! Very good product, I will keep using it.

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