3 Game-Changers That Will Help Your Cat Lose Some Weight

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimated 60% of the US domestic cats were overweight back in 2018. International Cat Care introduced similar revelations with the UK felines – 39 to 52% of house cats were classified as overweight. Although some cat owners prefer their kitties chubby, they should help their furry friends lose some weight if they want them to live a longer and happier life. 

In fact, obesity causes a myriad of health problems with cats, such as kidney disease, diabetes, etc. The only right path that leads to weight reduction is a balanced combo of exercise and proper nutrition. Read on to discover 3 proven ways that will help you with getting your cat into shape. 

Feed Less Calories 

Unfortunately, your kitty can’t lose weight without you making a cut in their calorie intake. Most obese/overweight cats don’t have a sense of self-restraint, which can also be related to comfort eating. The more you feed your feline, the more calories you serve – the more it will eat. 

Try to define the number of calories per serving or consult a vet to find healthy alternatives to your cat’s food regime. Eventually, you two will map out a healthy, stress-free weight loss plan for the kitty. 

Try With Canned Cat Food 

Canned cat food contains fewer calories than dry kibble. It features a higher water content that will prevent the feline from eating too much and help it shed a couple of pounds. Yet, not only canned cat food will make your cat full without over-consuming, but it is rich in high-quality protein. Unlike carbohydrates, proteins will make your cat satiated for longer. 

Increase Physical Activity 

Just like with humans, felines not burning the consumed calories put on some extra weight easily. The reduction in calories can help your cat lose pounds, but it still needs some activity (besides playtime) to boost its metabolism. Introduce new toys to your kitty for the beginning that will make it move more.

Once you skyrocket your furry friend’s desire for activity, head out for short walks around the yard or train it to walk on a leash and explore the neighborhood. 


Taking good care of your cat includes, inter alia, ensuring it is in a healthy weight. When embarking on this journey, you need to remain committed to helping your feline with shedding those extra pounds.

This won’t happen overnight and you should make frequent visits to the vet to make sure you are doing this right. Know that you know what it takes, no doubt you will help your cat lose weight and achieve the desired results. 

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