Pet Health

  • What If Your Puppy Is Breathing Fast?

    Should you be worried if your puppy is breathing fast? What should you do if your pet is experiencing such conditions? Is this normal with young dogs? Although very few conditions require urgent attention, we would still like to help you understand the causes of heavy breathing with pups so you can have a clearer image of how to act.
  • 3 Game-Changers That Will Help Your Cat Lose Some Weight

    The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimated 60% of the US domestic cats were overweight back in 2018. International Cat Care introduced similar revelations with the UK felines – 39 to 52% of house cats were classified as overweight. Although some cat owners prefer their kitties chubby, they should help their furry friends lose some weight if they want them to live a longer and happier life.
  • Know the Signs of a Cat Stroke Before It’s Too Late

    Although dogs are more prone to strokes than cats, the risk of your feline experiencing it is still exists, especially if your furry fall has gained some weight recently. Owners shouldn’t disregard memory issues and dizziness with their furry friends, as these point out to mild cat stroke.
  • Bad Breath: Is There Something Wrong With Your Cat?

    It would be a bit absurd to expect your kitty to smell icy fresh like Orbit. Yet, if your cat’s breath is nasty, this can indicate a health problem. Halitosis in cats can be treated with toothbrushes and toothpaste, but also may require medical intervention. A variety of reasons can cause your cat to have bad breath, and here’s what you can do about it.
  • What Should You Know About Orange Tabby Cats Health and Nutrition?

    No matter the age, size, breed, or color – a cat is an endlessly charming creature. Still, there is something about orange tabby cats no one can explain. These flame-colored paw pals are so lovable you can’t help yourself but cuddling them all the time. 
  • Epiphora (Watery Eyes) in Cats – When It Is Time to Worry?

    Being an animal lover means feeling and knowing your feline’s behavior, and noticing even the slightest changes with it. Teary eyes are nothing new when it comes to certain breeds, but with others – watery eyes in cats warn of potential eye irritation.
  • Is Cat Nose Bleed a Sign of Cancer?

    Although epistaxis (bleeding nose) is not a common phenomenon with cats, even imagining your feline with a bloody nose is scary. A cat nose bleed can indicate a really serious health issue (potentially cancer). However, before you start panicking and jumping to conclusions, make sure to get to know other possible causes of bleeding nose in cats.
  • The Golden Years: How to Care for an Older Dog

    In what seems like the blink of an eye to most pet owners, a dog can grow from an energetic puppy to old age. The fact that dogs age so much quicker than their owners is an unfortunate but unavoidable reality. The good news, though, is that it is possible to give your dog a great quality of life through old age. If you would like to make your dog’s golden years as golden as they can get, here are a few useful tips to consider.
  • Treating Pet Anxiety With Hemp Oil

    Anxiety isn’t just a problem for the human species; it’s something that your pets may struggle with as well. Dogs and cats can experience anxiety due to a number of reasons, such as separation from their owner or moving to a new home. Often times, pets can even experience anxiety for seemingly no reason at all, leaving their owners at a loss about what to do.
  • Improve Your Pup’s Vision With These Five Beneficial Supplements

    Dogs have a very unique and wonderful point of view that is all their own. As with human’s though, a dog’s eyesight may begin to suffer as they grow older. The good news, though, is that it is both easy and inexpensive to provide your pooch with the important vitamins and nutrients that they need to promote optimum vision health. If you want to ensure that your beloved dog is able to continue seeing your smiling face each day for many years to come, consider giving them these five beneficial supplements.
  • Your Pets Need Vitamins Too

    It’s commonly accepted knowledge that vitamins are necessary for good health in human beings. Most pet owners, however, never even consider the fact that pets such as dogs and cats may need vitamins as well. In reality, though, your pet may not be getting all of the nutrients that they need from their food alone, and a quality vitamin supplement for pets may be just what your dog or cat needs for better health.
  • How to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Fresh and Clean

    If your pooch has breath strong enough to down a grown horse, you may be searching for solutions. Of course, fresh breath isn’t the only reason to worry about your pet’s oral health, and making sure your dog’s teeth are clean and strong is an important part of keeping them healthy and happy. If you would like to improve your dog’s oral health, consider these three tips and tricks.