How to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Fresh and Clean

If your pooch has breath strong enough to down a grown horse, you may be searching for solutions. Of course, fresh breath isn’t the only reason to worry about your pet’s oral health, and making sure your dog’s teeth are clean and strong is an important part of keeping them healthy and happy. If you would like to improve your dog’s oral health, consider these three tips and tricks.

Dental Sticks

The most well known and most convenient way to improve your pup’s oral health is to give them a quality dental stick to chew on. These products are designed to remove tar and plaque from your dog’s teeth while they enjoy chewing on what they consider to be a fun toy. It’s the most effortless way available to keep your dog’s teeth clean, but it likely isn’t the only option that you should pursue if you want to keep their oral health as optimum as possible.

Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

While many dogs won’t tolerate having their teeth brushed right off the bat, this is something that you can ease your pet into and get them accustomed to over time. Start by purchasing a doggy toothpaste in a flavor that they will enjoy, then get your dog used to you rubbing the toothpaste in their mouth using your fingers. Once they are accustomed to this, you can move on to using a toothbrush that is designed for dogs.

Take them in for a Professional Cleaning

If you want to get your dog’s teeth, gums, and mouth as clean as possible, you may want to consider taking them in to have their teeth cleaned by a professional. An annual or semiannual visit to the vet to have your dog’s teeth cleaned can go a long way toward preventing tartar buildup.

Give Your Pup a Fresh, Healthy Smile

Your dog may not take oral health as seriously as you do, but keeping their teeth clean and healthy is still highly important. If you want to ensure that your beloved pet has a healthy set of chompers well into old age, it’s time to start taking their oral health more seriously.

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