In the United States alone, about 50% of household pets (both dogs & cats) develop cancer by age 10. This doesn’t sit right with us at Huggibles. Driven by our love for our own pets, we created ProVitae Defense™ to change this unfortunate paradigm—and help pet parents take back control over their pets’ health. 

 What’s ProVitae Defense? huggible what is provitae animation

ProVitae Defense is our patent-pending longevity blend made with 100% natural antioxidants, which gives pet parents more say in their pets’ health. Each Huggibles supplement contains ProVitae to promote longevity and better health of your furry family members. 

ProVitae Defense contains a powerful blend of natural antioxidants to prevent oxidative stress from causing diseases and accelerating the aging process. Experts and scientists believe oxidative stress plays a role in cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and aging. 

ProVitae Defense empowers pet parents around the world to put their pets’ health back into their own hands, so you can enjoy more sunshine, love, and huggs with your furry friends. 



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