What Should You Know About Orange Tabby Cats Health and Nutrition?

No matter the age, size, breed, or color – a cat is an endlessly charming creature. Still, there is something about orange tabby cats no one can explain. These flame-colored paw pals are so lovable you can’t help yourself but cuddling them all the time. Their laid-back attitude and friendly temperament will draw you in one-two-three. Even the statesmen like Winston Churchill fell for a tabby and named him Tango.

Yet, if you want your orange ninja to stay healthy, you should get familiar with the following purrticular features of a tabby cat.

Orange tabby cats are carnivores.

Even though the idea of your tabby eating another animal may seem gross, you should accept your feline is a carnivore by nature. Trying to impose a meat-free diet on your cat will, highly likely, make the animal very sick over time.

The good news is – nutrients your tabby would benefit by hunting and eating the prey are also found in cat food. If you supply it with the right balance of minerals and vitamins, your “redhead’s” needs will be satisfied.

Ginger cats are prone to obesity.

Speaking of food, orange tabbies love eating so much they go obese. Garfield, a cartoon mascot, is one of the examples of how much this breed enjoys food. Even though the biggest snugglers and cutest lap buddies, tabbies tend to grow lazy over time.

Do your due diligence and make sure your tabby’s diet is well-balanced. Otherwise, you both would be dealing with a variety of health issues – joint damage, diabetes, maybe even cancer.

To help your furry ball remain at a healthy weight, motivate it to be playful. Cats are extremely fond of the oils found in the catnip plant. Your orange will jump, roll, droll, and vocalize when under the influence of catnip. Being active will keep their joints, bones, and muscles strong.

Give your tabby plenty of clean and freshwater.

If the water your furry friend drinks is stale or smells bad, it can make the cat sick. Oppositely, the cat might also avoid drinking it and become dehydrated. Just make sure to change the water regularly and your feline will be fine.

Wrap Up

From the perspective of a tabby cat owner – roses are red, violets are blue, and cats are orange. This affectionate, cuddly, a bit lazy breed comes across as one of the most adopted species. Orange tabby cats are fairly low-maintenance, but you still have to take some steps to make sure your furry ball is healthy and happy.

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