Pet Health

  • The Health Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

    You’ve likely heard of the health benefits of taking a fish oil supplement, but did you know that fish oil offers many of these same benefits to dogs as well? From promoting strong healthy joints to fighting seasonal allergies, fish oil is able to improve your pup’s health in a number of key ways, making it one of the most beneficial supplements that you can give to your four-legged friend
  • Out of Paws Reach: How to Keep Your Dog from Eating More Supplements than They Should

    Many supplements that are made for dogs are designed to taste like a yummy treat. This is great news for pet owners since it makes it very easy to convince your dog to take their supplements when they should. 
  • How to Notice and Treat Your Dog’s Seasonal Allergies

    If you suffer from seasonal allergies, a field full of bright yellow pollen can be just as terrifying as a field full of snakes and spiders. What you might not know, though, is that dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies in the same way that their owners do. If you think your pet may be struggling with allergies, here are the signs to look for as well as what to do to ease their symptoms.
  • Probiotics for Dogs: How Probiotics can Improve Your Pooch’s Digestive Health

    Probiotic supplements for dogs are supplements that contain probiotics – the “good bacteria” found in the stomach and intestines of all animals that have stomachs and intestines. This bacteria works to help living creatures break down and digest the food they consume, and, without it, digestive issues are sure to arise. Human beings have been taking probiotics to promote good digestive health for some time now, but the idea of a probiotic supplement for dogs is relatively new. Nevertheless, the research showing that probiotics can improve a dog’s digestive health is compelling, as is the anecdotal evidence from pet owners who have used probiotic supplements to cure issues with their dogs such as nausea, diarrhea, excess gas, and more. If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to improve your pup’s digestive health, a probiotic supplement that is designed for dogs may be the perfect solution for your and your beloved pet.
  • Boost Your Dog’s Liver Health With These Five Supplements

    The liver is a vital organ in all animals, and dogs are certainly no exception. Your dog’s liver is responsible for a wide range of roles, from metabolization to detoxification to bile production and more. If you would like to keep your beloved dog’s liver functioning as healthily as possible, consider adding these five beneficial supplements to their diet.