Out of Paws Reach: How to Keep Your Dog from Eating More Supplements than They Should

Many supplements that are made for dogs are designed to taste like a yummy treat. This is great news for pet owners since it makes it very easy to convince your dog to take their supplements when they should. However, the fact that your dog is going to love eating the supplements that you give him also means that you will need to take precautions to ensure that they don’t raid the supply when you’re not looking. If a dog does consume more than the recommended dose of certain supplements it could lead to an upset stomach or worse. With that in mind, here are a few tricks that you can use to keep your pet supplements out of paws reach.

Store Your Pet Supplements in Airtight Containers 

Dogs won’t pursue what they can’t smell. While most supplements will have a tantalizing smell to encourage dogs to eat them, storing your supplements in airtight containers can keep the scent from ever reaching your pup’s nostrils.

Keep Pet Supplements Away From Children

Small children may mean well when they decide to reward the family dog with a handful of tasty supplements, but the end result isn’t going to be desirable. To avoid this situation, it’s important to keep your pet supplements away from small hands as well as small paws.

Store Your Pet Supplements Out of View

Dogs can be quite resourceful when treats are on the line and can often reach places you might never have imagined that they could reach. Rather than storing your pet supplements on the counter and assuming that your dog won’t be able to get to them, it’s better to store them out of sight such as inside of a high cabinet or drawer.

Keep Your Pet Healthy and Safe by Storing Pet Supplements Out of Paws Reach

Adding supplements to your dog’s diet is one of the best ways to improve their health and happiness. However, “too much of a good thing” certainly applies when it comes to pets eating more supplements than they should. With a little precaution, though, it’s easy enough to ensure that your dog only takes their tasty, nutritious supplements when they are supposed to.

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