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Sharon Buress
Nice and moist

Compared to the chews we were using previously, these chews stay moist and fresh much longer.


My dogs like the taste. My older dog is on a few supplements and this multivitamin is great!

Great item

My babys love it

Awesome Supplement...Non-GMO and Quality Ingredients!

I have an 11-month year old Cocker Spaniel that is just starting his vitamin regimen. I was looking for a supplement that was non GMO and made in the US. Ready, Huggibles seemed to fit the bill so I gave it a try.

Firstly, you receive a good amount of product for the price. The treats themselves are soft and palatable. Most importantly, when I shake the container, my pup comes zooming to get what is now one of his favorite 'treats'. What I really like about this supplement it really covers a broad spectrum of what your pup needs: from joint support, to probiotics and essential fatty acids.

Since taking this supplement, I have noticed that his fur is less dry and his coat is smoother..which I am really happy about. Overall, this is a great product and wonderful ingredients from a small, niche, family owned company that I am happy to support!

jocey peach
Not as popular with cats

I got these for our cat but she doesn't like them as much as our pup. I cut them up and added them to her food but she would only eat part of it. I think they might work better for dogs since you can put them in a treat

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