Hip & Joint Support Chews

That puppy bounce, in a tasty treat!
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When our dogs are in pain, we feel their pain too. We make these chews with premium ingredients to help support your pup’s healthy bones, healthy cartilage levels, and overall cardiovascular health while reducing inflammation. That way, your dog can live their best life, pain-free. And the delicious chicken flavor might just make Huggibles Hip & Joint chews your dog’s new favorite treat!
Support healthy bones & cartilage levels
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Up to 90 servings in each bag
Thousands of Happy & Healthy Pets
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Less itching Much calmer No limping

Penny Lane loves her Huggibles liquids! She has had a lot of trouble with her digestion and the Multivitamin liquid has been our savior


I didn't know what Boozie's true personality was until I got her anxiety and stress under control using these droppers. Now she is so carefree!


I wanted to be SURE that Conner was getting all of the nutrients he needs . I give him the Multi Liquid dropper every day in his food and he loves it!


This Multi vitamin is exactly what I was looking for to give to my dog daily!

Enhance Longevity

Support Healthy Bones & Cartilage Levels

Reduce Pain & Inflammation
2 Essential Benefits In One

Our experts identified the two areas your pet could struggle with the most and tackled them head on.

See the difference in 6 weeks:
Support Healthy Bones & Cartilage Levels
Reduce Pain & Inflammation
Acknowledged by Leading Experts

Huggibles products, powered by Provitae, are a remarkable combination of ingredients that are essential for your canine or feline pet

Dr. John Marcus V.M.D
Only the Best Ingredients

Formulated with choice ingredients for specific needs, each Huggibles supplement is a “hugg” designed to help your one-of-a-kind pets live one-of- a-kind lives.